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Artivent Sp. z o.o.
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  • Technical insulations

  • Acoustic insulations

  • Headquarters in Gliwice

  • Manufacturing plant in Kedzierzyn Kozle

Heating systems

We provide the following heating solutions:

  • ceramic and steel chimney systems,
  • heating boilers and other heating devices,
  • solar flat plate thermal collectors.

We provide manufacturers of chimney systems with ready-made solutions in the scope of thermal and fire-resistant insulations. These are insulation pipes made of boards or blocks of mineral wool composed of stone fibres. Such insulation prevents cooling of combustion gases optimising chimney draught as well as ensures protection from a fire started during ordinary usage or burning of soot in a chimney.

We also use mineral wool for manufacturing of insulation sheets used as thermal and acoustic insulation of heating boilers. A proper insulation increases performance efficiency of heating appliances and provides better acoustic comfort in boiler rooms. 

Solar systems used as heating solutions convert solar energy into heating. Every form of heat conversion or transport requires application of proper insulations (related to power efficiency of a certain system), thus solar systems must be provided with professional insulation materials. Based on our many years of experience we can offer optimal insulation solutions used for solar systems.