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19 November 2013

Artivent – Marine Insulations

Artivent – Marine Insulations

In November we contracted supplies of marine insulations manufactured by ISOVER, to be used in Offshore ships (units operating at drilling platforms). These ships are constructed in Polish shipyards for one of the biggest ship-owners of Offshore Support Vessels on the North Sea, i.e. the Scottish Gulf Offshore N.S company from Aberdeen, being a part of GULFMARK OFFSHORE from USA.

The scope of supplies covers thermal and acoustic insulations as well as fire-resistant insulations of decks, walls and bulkheads complying with adequate fire-resistance classes. Due to application of professional ULTIMATE MARINE insulations the mass of insulating materials was reduced by ca. 35% (comparing to traditionally used insulations composed of stone wool), and that translates into lower fuel consumption, which means lower CO2 emissions, possibility of using lower-power engines and achieving higher speeds of a ship.