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Noise barriers

We provide a broad range of acoustic insulations providing our clients with available solutions (acoustic structures, anechoic chambers, filling for noise barriers, etc.).

Noise barriers are the elements of road infrastructure forming a division wall protecting residents of housing estates situated near communication routes from sources of noise, i.e. motor or rail vehicles. Behind a noise barrier the so called ‘acoustic shadow’ is formed in the area in which noise intensity is significantly lower than in front of a noise barrier. The two most important factors characterizing such barriers are acoustic insulation and sound absorption coefficient. Acoustic insulation is responsible for the amount of acoustic energy transmitted through a noise barrier. The coefficient characterising sound absorption translates into the amount of acoustic waves which are reflected in the direction of sound source and absorbed by insulation material. In order to obtain high efficiency level of noise barriers the above-mentioned coefficients should be as high as possible to ensure the lowest amount of acoustic waves reflected and transmitted through a barrier.

We provide ready-made insulation products with possibility of adjusting them to individual needs of our clients. Our products are used by manufacturers of ‘Green wall’ noise barriers, barriers made of aluminium panels and man-made materials.