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Artivent Sp. z o.o.
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  • Technical insulations

  • Acoustic insulations

  • Headquarters in Gliwice

  • Manufacturing plant in Kedzierzyn Kozle

Products and Services

The products we use in a manufacturing process come from reputable suppliers from Poland and abroad ensuring high quality of goods we offer to our clients.

The used materials effectively protect from:

  • Thermal energy loss (efficient thermal insulation)
  • Excessive noise (high level of acoustic insulation and sound absorption)
  • Fire hazard (all products are inflammable, and special category products comply with relevant fire resistance classes)

All the products we use for thermal insulation lead to a decrease in thermal energy consumption which helps to protect our environment.   


In our plant in Kedzierzyn Kozle we manufacture the following products:

  • acoustic walls and silencers (absorbing, and absorbing-resonance ones) used for acoustic protection of ventilation ducts and central air-conditioning units.
  • acoustic walls used for acoustic insulation in machinery (acoustic protection of machines and other equipment)
  • insulation sheets composed of mineral wool made of fibre glass used for thermal insulation of ovens and other household appliances – ensuring lowest energy consumption of those appliances (energy efficiency class A)
  • high temperature thermal insulation sheets (applied in heating boilers)
  • insulation sheets for constructions (thermal insulation of lintels)
  • acoustic insulation pipes and sheets (used for noise barriers and  anechoic chambers, etc.)


We are a certified supplier of technical insulation systems of such companies as: SAINT-GOBAIN CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS POLSKA (ISOVER), ROCKWOOL POLSKA. We offer the following range of products:

  • acoustic insulations used for complete filling of road infrastructure noise barriers (mineral wool and cement – splinter boards)
  • acoustic, thermal and anti-condensation insulations used in central ventilating and air-conditioning units as well as in ventilation ducts.
  • acoustic and thermal insulations used for construction of frame houses 
  • thermal insulations for heating boilers and household appliances
  • thermal and acoustic insulations used in transportation (buses, railway tanks, motor cars and trucks)
  • high temperature industrial insulations (power and metallurgy sector, etc.)
  • fire, thermal and acoustic insulation systems used in marine industry (MARINE)
  • insulations for other constructions such as: fire-resistant doors, solar panels used for tap water heating or chimney systems,

We provide professional technical advice (based on many years of experience), competitive prices and short deadlines.