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Ventilation and air-conditioning

Ventilation means air circulation, mostly between indoor and outdoor environment and its proper functioning is crucial in the rooms occupied by people. 

The factors having great effect on comfort of living and working space include, among others, adequate amount of fresh air and acoustic environment. Currently, we can observe a tendency aiming at ensuring adequate acoustic comfort. There are many factors influencing the acoustic experience in a room, which mainly include sound generated by ventilation and air-conditioning systems, i.e. noise coming from working equipment and installations (motors, ventilators, central ventilating units, pumps, etc.) and noise generated during the air flow through the installation. In order to reduce such noise, there should be absorbing and absorbing-resonance silencers installed in ventilation ducts.

We manufacture acoustic walls and silencers (absorbing, and absorbing-resonance ones) used for acoustic protection of ventilation ducts and central ventilation and air-conditioning units as well as for acoustic insulation for machinery and constructions in various industries.